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Alhamdulillah. It was a nice winter day in December 2018 when a group of Apparel & Textile Professionals met together from a call from the visionary leader in this sector Mr. Robin Mohiuddin. That day they all expressed their willingness to do something Better for this platform, specially for the professionals. They raised their voice very open mindedly and agreed to take this up with more and more peoples engagement having similar visions. For this a lot of ideas, brainstorming & discussion was required, for that they all agreed to have similar meeting after few months with more professionals participation. They named this team as Welfare Association of Apparel & Textile Professionals of Bangladesh, WAATPB. They all returned home with enlightened heart and increased hunger to do something countable to the platform…

Many strong & positive responses from more & more people has been received by the initial team, which brought the requirement of arranging the 2nd meeting sooner.

Then in April 2019, the 2nd meeting took place, but this time the participants were more than 100 in numbers with more professional approach and ideas. Everyone was invited to speak & ask, which brought new questions on the table. This self filtering approach and all the inquiries helped the team to scrutiny and purify the understanding for the old participants and also the new ones. Those amazing questions & Ideas gave all the participants & organisers some food for thoughts to close the day...

From that day onward, the eagerness from many more professionals were clearly visible across all the social & communication platforms in support to the idea of having a welfare association for the professionals. Everyone was willing to meet once again and share their views…

So, the 3rd meeting was scheduled on the 20th of september 2019. The participation was overwhelmingly exceeded the organisers plan where more than 300 professionals enlisted for the event. It was the day where the founding leaders shared the basics of the association, its objective(s), vision(s), membership rule(s) to be set etc… all the guests were invited to ask questions and talk. Interestingly and delightfully many of those answers were given by other guests which was the proof of so many professionals serious engagement with this upcoming association. Everyone felt the need for practical execution of all these discussions, which wrapped the day.

So, now is the high time for action towards the common dream…. Let’s weave it.