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Its an open platform, an association, constituted by/for the 'Textile & Apparel Professionals of Bangladesh’i citizens only. We are a team having United Mindset for the well being of the team (the platform, the country, the world), who will venture together to uplift their living standard in terms of (but not limited to) Social, Professional, Environmental, Financial parameters in a sustainable manner, so that the future generation of each individual of the team can fetch the benefit as well. For this, the team can perform social, professional, business (etc…) activities whichever/whenever it suits best, by following the rules of the country, ethics & respect of the society.   We want people to join us, who have an ‘ Other’s Rights & My Responsibility’ mindset instead of ‘My rights and other responsibility' attitude


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Alhamdulillah. It was a nice winter day in December 2018 when a group of Apparel & Textile Professionals met together from a call from the visionary leader in this sector Mr. Robin Mohiuddin. That day they all expressed their willingness to do something Better for this platform, specially for the professionals. They raised their voice very open mindedly and agreed to take this up with more and more peoples engagement having similar visions. For this a lot of ideas, brainstorming & discussion was required, for that they all agreed to have similar meeting after few months with more professionals participation. They named this team as Welfare Association of Apparel & Textile Professionals of Bangladesh, WAATPB. They all returned home with enlightened heart and increased hunger to do something countable to the platform…

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  • 16-October 2020